Saturday, October 24, 2009

Preparing a Skills Video for Colleges

Skills Tape

A critical part of recruiting for college coaches is the evaluation process.  Simply put, if college coaches do not believe a student athlete possesses the ability to play for their school, they are not going to spend their recruiting resources pursuing that student athlete.  In most cases, college coaches have two choices when attempting to evaluate a student athlete.  They can either watch a student athlete compete in person or they can accomplish a similar evaluation by watching a highlight or skills tape. It is critical to send college coaches a tape of your skills, or you can upload them to a website, such as Youtube. I ask for the following to be included on a video tape from interested cheerleaders:

Tumbling Skills: Standing Backhandspring, Standing back tuck, standing backhandspring back tuck and a tumbling pass

Stunting Skills: Please include extended stunts, transitions and dismounts (preferably twist dismounts)

Cheer: include a cheer demonstrating sharp motions and voice inflections, and preferably with a jump.

Dance/Fight Song: Dance and/or fight song should demonstrate coordination, rhythm, voice inflection and spirited attitude.

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