Sunday, January 27, 2008

January 27, 2008

I spent the day recruiting for next year. I am officially in recruiting mode right now. I got a list of local competition results and emailed each of the coaches congratulating them on their performance in the competition, then attaching information on our program. Once Ihear back from them, I plan on setting up a time to go out to those schools to talk with their teams and get them pumped up for cheering at college - especially at MY college!

Friday, January 25, 2008


I got a classic email today! I got an email from a mother who was marketing her daughter to colleges for cheerleading scholarships.
It said, "My daughter is a outstanding in cheerleading, and would like a full scholarship to cheer at your school. She has cheered & danced since she was a baby. She has a double full twist & is an olympic tumbler & flyer. For financial reason I think she knows we can't afford 30 or 40 thousand a year to send her to school. Thank You"

What, exactly, is an olympic flyer?

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2008

It was the first time in five years at this college that I walked into practice after not making it to the Finals, where the team was happy - not just happy - excited to come back next year! Usually I spend 15 minutes telling them how great they did for being such a small school, blah, blah... but this time - no! Didn't need to! They wanted to start next year's routine tonight! Love them!

January 19, 2008

We got to the venue just in time to take photos, hit the warm up mat and then immediately afterwards, the performance floor. It was much better this way, because they had not time to think about anything or even become nervous. They had a great warm-up, which worried me, because a sloppy warm up equals a great performance. They came out and were fantastic! The routine was flowing smoothly - yay! The first half was a success! Now for the cheer...great so far - tumbling looks clean, stunts going up great....BAMM!! What does that say...."N U S" FLIP "GO BLUE BIG" AGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO PUT THE SIGNS DOWN BACKWARDS??!!!!

Oh well, too late now. The crowd chuckled; I cringed. Another year coming in 2nd to last.

Backstage, their spirits were great and they were pleased with their performance. We watched the rest of our division compete, and listened as the finalists names were read. Although we did not make it to Finals, rather than being quitters and giving up, the spirit and determination was stronger than ever!

Fri, January 18, 2008

We set out on our trek up to Orlando. The caravan consisted of two vans and two cars loaded with excited cheerleaders, coaches and their families, too. At the last minute, we decided to bring our portable Tiffin mat, just to prevent any further injuries, in case we didn't have an "acceptable" and safe practice surface on which to practice. It was hysterical trying to fit this mat into a van - Basically, we had to sit on it and jump up and down to jam it in there!

We arrived to a freezing cold Disney World! The temperature dropped 30 degrees since we left this morning! Ow! We warmed up and practiced our stunts and ran thee routine through a couple of times. The Dr. called and did not clear the Captain to perform, so pregnant girl was front and center for the dance, looking fantastic, and so happy to participate. The Tiffin portable mat certainly came in handy - because the grass and concrete were wet and cold and hard. Glad we took the time to jam it in the van!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tonight was our "Friends & Family performance," where we perform our Nationals routine in front of the team's family members, boyfriends, friends, etc., as well as anyone from the school who would like to come and see - usually it is anyone who cannot make it to Orlando! They looked terrific and their parents were so impressed and proud of all they have accomplished. The boyfriends still don't get it - can't understand how you can practice for 4 months for a 2 min 30 sec routine. We rolled out all our mats for the performance and even brought in a portable BOSE system, which sounded awesome! We received a lot of positive feedback and the girls from last year's team pumped them up by telling them that they were the best ever cheerleading team to come out of this college!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Last practice before we leave for College Nationals. The team did great, except for my captain was out. Yes - out of the entire routine! She tore - or sprained - or pulled - her lateral something-or-other behind her knee and is going tomorrow night for an MRI. The Dr. will call me Friday when we are in Orlando to give me the results. Luckily, we were able to substitute, fill in, revise, edit, etc... Because, you know...that's what I do! That's who I am! I am... revision-girl! I can revise any routine at any time!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jan 13, 2008

I woke up to the most bizarre email, still stewing about the girls being late and offering no apology, only a feeble excuse. One girl apologized to me about how she left the men's game (I didn't even notice, to be honest). She just left. Walked out in the middle of the game. I called my asst. coach and asked if the team said anything after the game about it, and she too admitted that she hadn't noticed. She also wrote about how she was having problems. In between family stuff (today was softball ratings and my daughter was upset that I hadn't bought her a helmet or bat!) and homework assignments and trying to talk with my brother who drove 3 hours yesterday to stay a night and then drive back, I calmed myself down. Initially, I thought, "Nope! We are NOT going! They do not deserve to got to Nationals - not with their attitudes - nope. No way, Not happening." Then I took a nap. Life was better and clearer when I awoke. I did some homework and went to practice. The routine is a hot mess, but it goes. After practice, I pulled aside the girl who left the game and she spilled her problems. Talk about issues! So I mandated her for a counseling session at the student counseling center. I thin it will help her a lot. She is such a talented cheerleader and we all feed off her positiveness. I could tell there was something up from the way she was berating her flyer for not hitting the scale-arabesque flip down. So that went well. Then I had a talk with the 5 knuckleheads who were late to the game. I apologized for yelling and they apologized for being late (no, wait..did they?) We all decided that we disrespect the women's games and it will stop immediately. They are going to decorate the womens team's locker room and show some spirit toward them. I can live with that. Life goes on and we have exactly 2 practices left before Nationals. Whew! Putting out fires each day is tough!

Jan 12, 2008

Tonight we had to cheer 2 games. The "B" team cheered the women's game, but 5 showed up 10 minutes after the game had started!! I lost it - I was so incredibly angry at them. I actually yelled at them in the locker room. I never yell, so you know I was angry. It wasn't like they were running in, diving to get on the court before the game began; rather, they were just sauntering in, finishing their dinner, giggling and chatting as if they had time to kill. Meanwhile, out on the court, the women's team had three girls shaking their poms to form a sorry-looking tunnel for them to run through. I was mortified and wanted to crawl under my seat. The women's coach shot me a look, and put up her arms in a questioning pose, asking, "where is the team??" I wanted to  die - hence the lashing I gave them. I think they were more shocked than I was! I have never yelled before! Ouch! The night got worse from there on. The stands were packed for the men's game. What an amazing crowd! The girls were pumped to show off their routine stunts to their fellow students, friends and family. Right before the men were being introduced, the fire alarm sounded! We stood outside for about 40 minutes. Luckily, my brother was here, who took my kids, so I could monitor the team. The mood turned gloomy once everyone realized how late the game would run, spoiling their plans for the evening. I finally left after I produced the halftime show, which included potato sack races, and got my kids home and in bed at 10pm! OW! They are usually asleep by 8!


Jan 11, 2008

Somehow the routine has persevered. The flyer gave us great news today that she was cleared by the Dr, and will still be able to fly certain stunts. She will be able to do her back tuck basket toss as well as the scale arabesque-flip down, but we taught a base how to fly! The new base-turned-flyer will be doing the eggroll  up to liberty stunt, and is also doing the 2-2-1. She is doing a fantastic job! The team spirit is great and the energy is positive!


Jan 7, 2008


OK – so after a night of no rest, I decided to call up a girl who cheered for me for awhile who is now back at the school getting her graduate degree. Still a student – right? So… she said she has to ask her mom.. C-mon! You're 23 years old! Is it really crucial to get your mother's permission to be thrown 30 feet in the air, upside down and backwards?

Jan 6, 2008

Ok – this is now not the year. Maybe next year. My star flyer – the only one who can gracefully execute a back tuck basket is now hobbling around on crutches – a sprained ankle. Possibly a fracture. We won't know until tomorrow. A friggin ankle – and of course, it is her flying leg – great. No – not great. Horrible. 2 weeks before Nationals. This is a story for sure – because it seems to happen every single year to every single coach out there – am I right? AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 5, 2008

OK – So I've come to the conclusion that this is the year that we will final make it to Finals. It may have taken 4 trips to College Nationals to do it, but I've decided that 2008 is the magical year for us. Despite all the many crazy goings-on over the course of this past year, this is the first time I feel confident that this team can pull it off. They have the talent, skill and the drive, which is much more than teams from the past had. Yup… this is the year…