Friday, December 4, 2009

How to be a good cheerleader

Cheerleading has come such a long way since its founding. There are so many aspects to cheerleading, so much more to it than standing on the sidelines and looking cute.

Cheerleading is no longer about pompoms and short skirts. Today's cheerleader is competitive, intelligent, athletic, and persevering.

To be a good cheerleader takes a lot of hard work. It takes dedication, team work, sportsmanship, practice, and a true love of the sport. The weak or partially interested will not go far.

Cheerleaders today must maintain high GPAs (grade point averages), must serve as role models to fellow students and admiring youngsters, must be willing to sacrifice for the good of the team, and must be strong and able to take criticism.

Cheerleading is by far, not all fun and games but the experiences you have as a cheerleader and as a member of your cheerleading team will stick with you forever more. They will help shape who you are and who you become.

You will have good times and bad, there will be moments you cry of pain and frustration and moments you shed tears of joy. But you are prepared, because you have your team members there to support you.

To be the best cheerleader you can be, you must take this to heart. You must also learn some of the basic rules of cheerleading. Of course, each squad has its own style and rules, but these are the understood rules each individual cheerleader should follow- the unspoken rules.

1. SHOW THOSE PEARLY WHITES! Cheerleaders should always SMILE during a game or performance. Look like you are having fun (even if you're not). Look like you're proud of your team and your school (even if they're losing the tenth straight game in a row). People are watching you at every moment. You want them to think you're having the time of your life.

2. ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU GO OUT TO PERFORM. Pay attention to what your cheerleading team is doing and what they are planning to do. Keep an eye on your captains. Don't wait until the last minute before a stunt or performance to ask questions. Walking out to perform is not the time to ask "What are we doing!?" or "Where do I go!?"

3. DON'T FREEZE UP OR MAKE A BIG DEAL OUT OF A MESS-UP. Just keep going. If you make a mistake, don't draw more attention to yourself. Do NOTOT stop in the middle and tell your neighbor; do NOT double over laughing; just keep going. Many cheerleaders do this and it isn't attractive or cute. If you mess up, chances are not many people noticed. Mistakes are inevitable, it's how you react to your mistake that is important.

4. PRACTICE RULES. Pay attention. If one person acts silly, it hinders the rest of the team's concentration. In cheerleading, someone (or several people) could get physically and severely hurt if you fail to pay attention. If you don't understand the routine or stunt, ask BEFORE attempting
it. If you are honestly not comfortable executing a stunt, tell the captain or coach. NEVER stunt or tumble without mats and a coach/spot/responsibile adult present. Don't miss practice, one missing person can hold the entire team back from praticing a routine.

5. Finally, as important as all of the cheer skills are, DON'T IGNORE THE ACADEMIC SIDE OF THINGS. Make sure your grades are good enough to be allowed to try out and maintain that scholarship.


Coach B said...

Hi! I am a newbie to the college coaching world and came across your blog tonight! I love it! I'd love to connect with you and have someone to bounce ideas, thoughts and problems off of...

Jen Green said...

Admirable sentiments! I think this is true of any team or group effort, not just cheerleading, but obviously in cheer teams it's so very critical. Thank you for posting this.

Coach Chelle said...

I love this post :) mahalo