Friday, January 25, 2008

Fri, January 18, 2008

We set out on our trek up to Orlando. The caravan consisted of two vans and two cars loaded with excited cheerleaders, coaches and their families, too. At the last minute, we decided to bring our portable Tiffin mat, just to prevent any further injuries, in case we didn't have an "acceptable" and safe practice surface on which to practice. It was hysterical trying to fit this mat into a van - Basically, we had to sit on it and jump up and down to jam it in there!

We arrived to a freezing cold Disney World! The temperature dropped 30 degrees since we left this morning! Ow! We warmed up and practiced our stunts and ran thee routine through a couple of times. The Dr. called and did not clear the Captain to perform, so pregnant girl was front and center for the dance, looking fantastic, and so happy to participate. The Tiffin portable mat certainly came in handy - because the grass and concrete were wet and cold and hard. Glad we took the time to jam it in the van!

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