Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jan 12, 2008

Tonight we had to cheer 2 games. The "B" team cheered the women's game, but 5 showed up 10 minutes after the game had started!! I lost it - I was so incredibly angry at them. I actually yelled at them in the locker room. I never yell, so you know I was angry. It wasn't like they were running in, diving to get on the court before the game began; rather, they were just sauntering in, finishing their dinner, giggling and chatting as if they had time to kill. Meanwhile, out on the court, the women's team had three girls shaking their poms to form a sorry-looking tunnel for them to run through. I was mortified and wanted to crawl under my seat. The women's coach shot me a look, and put up her arms in a questioning pose, asking, "where is the team??" I wanted to  die - hence the lashing I gave them. I think they were more shocked than I was! I have never yelled before! Ouch! The night got worse from there on. The stands were packed for the men's game. What an amazing crowd! The girls were pumped to show off their routine stunts to their fellow students, friends and family. Right before the men were being introduced, the fire alarm sounded! We stood outside for about 40 minutes. Luckily, my brother was here, who took my kids, so I could monitor the team. The mood turned gloomy once everyone realized how late the game would run, spoiling their plans for the evening. I finally left after I produced the halftime show, which included potato sack races, and got my kids home and in bed at 10pm! OW! They are usually asleep by 8!


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