Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jan 13, 2008

I woke up to the most bizarre email, still stewing about the girls being late and offering no apology, only a feeble excuse. One girl apologized to me about how she left the men's game (I didn't even notice, to be honest). She just left. Walked out in the middle of the game. I called my asst. coach and asked if the team said anything after the game about it, and she too admitted that she hadn't noticed. She also wrote about how she was having problems. In between family stuff (today was softball ratings and my daughter was upset that I hadn't bought her a helmet or bat!) and homework assignments and trying to talk with my brother who drove 3 hours yesterday to stay a night and then drive back, I calmed myself down. Initially, I thought, "Nope! We are NOT going! They do not deserve to got to Nationals - not with their attitudes - nope. No way, Not happening." Then I took a nap. Life was better and clearer when I awoke. I did some homework and went to practice. The routine is a hot mess, but it goes. After practice, I pulled aside the girl who left the game and she spilled her problems. Talk about issues! So I mandated her for a counseling session at the student counseling center. I thin it will help her a lot. She is such a talented cheerleader and we all feed off her positiveness. I could tell there was something up from the way she was berating her flyer for not hitting the scale-arabesque flip down. So that went well. Then I had a talk with the 5 knuckleheads who were late to the game. I apologized for yelling and they apologized for being late (no, wait..did they?) We all decided that we disrespect the women's games and it will stop immediately. They are going to decorate the womens team's locker room and show some spirit toward them. I can live with that. Life goes on and we have exactly 2 practices left before Nationals. Whew! Putting out fires each day is tough!

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